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Professional Marble, Carpet & Wooden Flooring Care

Marble, stones and wood can be honed to produce a number of flooring type. By creating a surface that is incredibly smooth on a microscopic level, a shinny clean flooring reflects light and spread an elegant sheen. Inevitably, flooring surface will suffer spots and wears over time.

Oil Wood

Wooden Flooring Care

High volume of foot traffic, wooden flooring requires regular care and attention to keep foot warm and look its best. We are experts in a range of floor care services to make sure your wooden flooring remains  blemish-free and clean.

Essentially, wood polishing is a service that is used to repair and preserve the floor sealant of lacquered floors, extending the lifespan of the walking surface.


wood floor waxing
Service steps

Floor waxing involves professional skills and procedures. It is generally recommended to find a professional and reliable floor waxing company to handle it. Wood floor waxing service will involve the following steps:


Step 1: Clean wood floors

Before proceeding with floor waxing, wooden floors should first be thoroughly cleaned to remove dust, dirt, and residue. Use cleaners and tools specifically designed for wood floors to ensure the surface is clean and dust-free.


Step 2: Prepare waxing materials

Prepare the appropriate waxing materials and mix or dilute as necessary.


Step 3: Apply wax

Apply the wax evenly to the surface of the wood floor, ensuring even coverage of the entire floor surface.

Floor Resurfacing 

FLOOR SANDING - to remove the thin top layer of your hardwood flooring using powerful belt sanding machine and edge sanders to remove old coatings, scratches, and gouges. 

FLOOR POLISHING - Fine floor polishing smooths out the surface after coarse sanding and is critical for a professional finish. Polishing prepares the wood grain ready for coating.

FLOOR COATING - The final step when resurfacing a wood floor is applying the finish.  Stains and floor finishes can be customised to achieve your desired look before being applied to wood flooring.


Professional Marble Care

We offer high quality cleaning, regluar maintainece and refurbishment of all natural stones, including marble, limestone, granite, stone, slate, porcelain, concrete, terrazzo and more.

Common marble care problems and solutions

GS Hygiene Solution’s professional marble cleaning and care services can solve various common problems in marble care:


1. Stains and marks

The surface of marble is prone to various types of stains and marks, such as residues of food, drink, cosmetics and medicines. GS Hygiene’s marble care services use appropriate marble cleaners and techniques to clean the marble, completely removing these stains and restoring the original luster to the marble surface.


2. Acid damage

Marble is very sensitive to acids such as fruit juices, vinegar and detergents. These substances may cause corrosion and damage to the marble surface. GS Hygiene Solution’s marble care services use neutral marble cleaning products and sealants to protect the marble from acid damage.


3. Surface wear

Marble surfaces may show wear and scratches due to long-term use and friction. GS Hygiene Solution’s marble care service involves sanding and polishing the marble surface to repair and restore the marble’s smoothness and shine. For severe scratches, we offer professional marble care and repair services.

Carpet Deep Clean

Whether it is home or office, carpet is a major investment. And when you invite guests or clients to visit, your carpet play a singifcanr role for their first impressions. Cleaning a carpet is job best done by professional menthods. Our carpet technicians’ steam cleaning method doesn’t just remove the dirt from soiled carpets but also destroys germs, mould and bacteria and has a strong sanitising effect on the fabrics.

Carpet Cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaning 

Professional carpet cleaning is not just ordinary carpet cleaning, GS Hygiene Solution’s professional carpet cleaning includes the following procedures:


Inspection and Assessment: Cleaners will carefully inspect the condition of your carpet, assess its condition and cleaning needs, and develop an appropriate carpet cleaning plan.


Pre-cleaning treatment: Before deep carpet cleaning, the cleaner may pre-treat stains on the carpet.


Using a single brush carpet cleaning machine to clean the floor with a high-speed rotating motor can deeply clean the carpet and enhance the decontamination performance. It will thoroughly clean the fibers on the carpet and remove deep-seated dirt, bacteria and odors. Use it with professional carpet cleaners, and then use The water suction machine with filtration function sucks away carpet sewage and dries it completely in a short time.

Sewage extraction: If the carpet has water damage or moisture, cleaning staff can use professional sewage extraction equipment to completely extract the sewage to prevent moisture and mold growth.


Quick drying: Professional carpet cleaning services often use quick drying methods to reduce carpet drying time.


Care Recommendations: Cleaning staff will provide care recommendations to help guests keep their carpets clean and beautiful during daily use. They may recommend vacuuming regularly, avoiding using too much water, turning carpets regularly, etc.

  • 1. What cleaning services does GS Hygiene Solution offer?
    We provide a variety of cleaning and care services including household cleaning, shopping mall cleaning, store cleaning, restaurant cleaning, office cleaning, industrial and commercial building cleaning, floor cleaning and care, floor waxing, carpet cleaning, etc.
  • 2. Are the cleaning products used in GS Hygiene Solution safe?
    We use cleaning products certified by the US FDA or EPA. These products have undergone rigorous testing and are harmless to the human body and environmentally friendly.
  • 3. Can the scheduled cleaning service be canceled or changed?
    Yes, If you need to cancel or change the scheduled cleaning service, please notify our customer service staff by phone or email at least two days in advance so that adjustments and rescheduling can be made.
  • 4. Is it possible to choose to perform cleaning services on weekends or holidays?
    Yes, customers can have their cleaning services done on weekends or holidays, and we are happy to offer this option for your convenience.
  • 5. What should I do if I am not satisfied with the cleaning results?
    If you are not satisfied with the cleaning results, please contact our customer service staff immediately and express your dissatisfaction to them. We will work hard to solve your problems and provide satisfactory solutions.
  • 6. Do I need to provide cleaning supplies when the cleaning service is performed?
    Our cleaning staff will prepare cleaning supplies and equipment, and you do not need to provide your own cleaning supplies unless guests have specific requests or preferences for cleaning supplies.
  • 7. What do I need to prepare before the cleaning service starts?
    Remind us if there are serious dirty spot, depending on the situation, we will prepare proper cleaning tools. Also, be prepared to pay for the cleaning costs and pay after the cleaning and inspection are completed.
  • 8. What is the difference between using a cleaning service from a cleaning service company and hiring a cleaning service on an hourly basis?
    Cleaning service companies usually have a professional cleaning team that provides a variety of specialized cleaning services. Cleaning service companies dispatch trained cleaning staff and provide insurance and other protections to protect their clients' interests. In addition, cleaning service companies can also provide customers with more comprehensive cleaning services, including deep cleaning and regular cleaning, so that customers can get a more reliable and professional cleaning service. On the contrary, hourly cleaning is a service provided by individuals. Although the cost may be relatively low, the quality and guarantee are also less stable. Most of these hourly workers have no formal training, insurance or other protections. In addition, hourly workers will only provide basic cleaning services, but not more comprehensive cleaning services such as deep cleaning and regular cleaning.

Customise Your Cleaning Solutions

Let us know about your suituation and needs, we will propose tailor made cleaning solutions for your business and venue.

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