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Post-Reno Cleaning

Post-renovation Cleaning &
Green VOC Removal

Ourteam has professional technicians and dedicated equipment to avoid making damages to furniture and make your furniture more long - lasting. We would cover up the furniture which require extra care.

• We would cover up non -cleaning items in prior
• Please keep food and relevant items to a safe place
• Keep us informed if it is a pet’s home

Living Room

Bedrooms & Living Area:

  • Floor vacuuming and mopping

  • Walls, ceiling and fan cleaning

  • Mirror and shinny surface

  • All furnitures

  • Lamp and lamp trough

  • Appliances

  • doors, windows and frames

  • gate and rails

  • all canals

Living room and bedroom include



  • Tiles

  • Bathtub

  • Sink

  • Toilet

  • Shower screen

  • Closet

  • Fan

  • Sashing machine

Living room and bedroom include



  • Stoves

  • Tiles

  • Tap

  • Sink

  • Fridge

  • Fan

  • Closet

Living room and bedroom include

All Rounded Post-renovatioon Cleaning

VOC Removal Services

Formaldehyde (VOCs)
Levels Measurement
With professional measuring instruments to detect VOC levels in different areas, and to provide client long-term and short-term suggestions on VOCs levels analysis and air purification.

New Customer Offer:
(Original price: $380)

Japanese patent Visible-Light Photocatalysts technology

JP-ECO Co., Ltd., was found in 1989, is a technology company focusing on indoor ecological environmental protection. It has passed the ISO 14001 environmental management system certification and is a member of the Japan Chemical Industry Association and Environmental Technology Association. The company is currently a relatively mature Visible-Light Photocatalysts material production company in Japan.


Features :

We use three main types of catalysts products : ECO-B (Base), ECO-C (Clean), ECO-P (Purify), All are safe and non-toxic, harmless to skin textiles and other materials, it does not contain any organic adhesives, and it is deodorant, antibacterial, formaldehyde removal, and deodorization; it constantly decompose air pollution poisons.

ECO-F-118 (Phenytoin) made by Botanical formula, efficiently reduces odor. It freshen the atmosphere with effects of preventing insects and mold bacteria.

Tailored Commercial Hygiene Solutions

Coustomise Your Cleaning Solutions

Let us know about your suituation and needs, we will propose tailor made cleaning solutions for your business and venue.

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