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Retail Cleaning Service
Retail Cleaning Service

The cleanliness of a shop says a lot about the brand image and the customer’s shopping experience. Hong Kong is one of the most competitive retail environments in the world, and for this, we offer highend retail industry cleanliness standards. Keeping your store clean will keep you ahead of the competition.

Regular Deep Clean

  • Space disinfection

  • Logo sign and lobby

  • Floor deep clean

  • Walls, ceilings & fans

  • All mirrors and glass

  • All spaces & furniture

  • Lights & light troughs

  • Appliance surfaces

  • gates, doors, windows

  • Stains removal

  • Professional Marble, Carpet & Wooden Flooring Care

Retail Cleaning Service

Daily Shop Cleaning

  • Logo sign

  • Mirror and glass

  • Empty the bin

  • Replace trash bag

  • Disinfect door handles

  • spot cleaning

  • Floor vacuuming

  • Shelves

  • Spotlight

Kitchen Deep Clean

  • Kitchen cleaning include higher place

  • Cooker Fan

  • Oil Tank

  • Grease Trap

Introduction to Shopping Mall Cleaning - Maintaining Environmental Hygiene to Create an Excellent Impression

Whether it is a large shopping mall or a small shopping mall, cleaning the mall and maintaining a clean and tidy environment is one of the key factors to attract customers, increase customer loyalty and ensure smooth business operations. Shopping mall cleanliness directly affects customers' impression and shopping experience of the mall. A clean and tidy mall can give customers a sense of comfort and pleasure, increasing their satisfaction with shopping in the mall. When the mall is clean and bright, customers are more likely to spend more time shopping and enjoy the shopping process. A good customer experience can build connections and trust between customers and the mall, helping to improve customer loyalty and increase their repeat visits. Chance of patronage. At the same time, shopping mall cleaning can also help improve tenant satisfaction, attract more stores to settle in, and increase shopping mall turnover.


Since shopping mall cleaning is closely related to the economic benefits of the shopping mall, it is very important to do a good job in shopping mall cleaning. GS Hygiene Solution

Shopping mall cleaning services are very comprehensive, including floor cleaning, window cleaning, restroom cleaning and public area cleaning, etc. Especially the sanitary facilities in the mall, such as restrooms and changing rooms, are more likely to breed bacteria, so we will pay special attention and maintain them. Our shopping mall cleaning service will set up a cleaning schedule and carry out regular cleaning and maintenance work for the shopping mall to reduce the backlog of cleaning work. We will also regularly clean and dispose of garbage to prevent the accumulation of garbage and ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the shopping mall environment.

Introduction to store cleaning - the key to improving store performance

Store cleaning is a very important aspect for business operators, because keeping the store clean and tidy can attract customers and improve business performance. The first impression is crucial to attracting new customers. When customers walk into a neat store, they will feel comfortable and reassured, which will increase their intention to purchase. On the other hand, if the store environment looks dirty and disorganized, it may give potential customers a bad impression of the store, thereby losing potential business opportunities. Therefore, with store cleaning services, you ensure a pleasant and professional environment that leaves a good impression on your customers. In addition, the cleanliness of the store is directly related to the brand image. Doing a good job in store cleaning helps to build the brand of the store. If the store is always clean, tidy and orderly, you will be able to show the quality of the store to customers.


GS Hygiene Solution provides professional store cleaning services with our experienced cleaning team and state-of-the-art cleaning equipment. We are committed to creating a clean and hygienic environment for our customers, improving the competitiveness of our stores and achieving business success. Give your store a cleaning advantage with store cleaning services from GS Hygiene Solution!


Our store cleaning services include the following service areas:


-        Clean and sweep floors, including mopping and vacuuming.

-        Clean and disinfect counters, displays and other frequently touched surfaces.

-        Clean glass windows and doors to keep them bright and transparent.

-        Clean carpets and curtains to remove dust and dirt.

-        Clean trash cans regularly and dispose of trash properly.


Our regular store cleaning will provide regular deep cleaning of our customers' stores, including deep disinfection and sterilization.

When cleaning our stores, we will use cleaning products that meet environmental requirements to help reduce our impact on the environment while protecting the health of our customers and employees.

Introduction to restaurant cleaning - maintaining a hygienic dining environment

In the highly competitive catering industry, in addition to providing quality food and service, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in the restaurant is also a key factor in attracting diners. Proper restaurant cleaning can certainly increase customers' trust and goodwill towards the restaurant, making them more likely to return and recommend the restaurant to friends. More importantly, restaurant cleaning services can ensure food safety and hygiene. Regular restaurant cleaning and disinfection can effectively keep kitchen equipment and tools clean, reduce the growth of bacteria, thereby reducing the risk of food poisoning among diners and ensuring the quality of food.


The restaurant cleaning services provided by GS Hygiene Solution can ensure comprehensive restaurant cleanliness and hygiene, cleaning various areas of the restaurant, such as dining areas, bars, reception areas, etc. Cleaning of different facilities and locations includes cleaning tables, chairs, floors, Windows, etc., and will vacuum and mop floors, as well as clean dust and trash. In addition, the kitchen is the most critical area of the restaurant and requires special attention to cleanliness and hygiene. Our restaurant cleaning process will include cleaning kitchen countertops, stoves, ovens, cooking pots, refrigerators and other equipment, as well as cleaning floors and walls to completely remove grease and dirt. Garbage management is also an important consideration in restaurant cleaning. Food waste can easily bring unpleasant odors. Our restaurant cleaners will also deal with kitchen waste regularly to ensure that the trash cans are clean.


Choose our restaurant cleaning service to establish an effective cleaning process for your restaurant, which can solve many common restaurant cleaning problems and ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the restaurant.

  • 1. What cleaning services does GS Hygiene Solution offer?
    We provide a variety of cleaning and care services including household cleaning, shopping mall cleaning, store cleaning, restaurant cleaning, office cleaning, industrial and commercial building cleaning, floor cleaning and care, floor waxing, carpet cleaning, etc.
  • 2. Are the cleaning products used in GS Hygiene Solution safe?
    We use cleaning products certified by the US FDA or EPA. These products have undergone rigorous testing and are harmless to the human body and environmentally friendly.
  • 3. Can the scheduled cleaning service be canceled or changed?
    Yes, If you need to cancel or change the scheduled cleaning service, please notify our customer service staff by phone or email at least two days in advance so that adjustments and rescheduling can be made.
  • 4. Is it possible to choose to perform cleaning services on weekends or holidays?
    Yes, customers can have their cleaning services done on weekends or holidays, and we are happy to offer this option for your convenience.
  • 5. What should I do if I am not satisfied with the cleaning results?
    If you are not satisfied with the cleaning results, please contact our customer service staff immediately and express your dissatisfaction to them. We will work hard to solve your problems and provide satisfactory solutions.
  • 6. Do I need to provide cleaning supplies when the cleaning service is performed?
    Our cleaning staff will prepare cleaning supplies and equipment, and you do not need to provide your own cleaning supplies unless guests have specific requests or preferences for cleaning supplies.
  • 7. What do I need to prepare before the cleaning service starts?
    Remind us if there are serious dirty spot, depending on the situation, we will prepare proper cleaning tools. Also, be prepared to pay for the cleaning costs and pay after the cleaning and inspection are completed.
  • 8. What is the difference between using a cleaning service from a cleaning service company and hiring a cleaning service on an hourly basis?
    Cleaning service companies usually have a professional cleaning team that provides a variety of specialized cleaning services. Cleaning service companies dispatch trained cleaning staff and provide insurance and other protections to protect their clients' interests. In addition, cleaning service companies can also provide customers with more comprehensive cleaning services, including deep cleaning and regular cleaning, so that customers can get a more reliable and professional cleaning service. On the contrary, hourly cleaning is a service provided by individuals. Although the cost may be relatively low, the quality and guarantee are also less stable. Most of these hourly workers have no formal training, insurance or other protections. In addition, hourly workers will only provide basic cleaning services, but not more comprehensive cleaning services such as deep cleaning and regular cleaning.
Ratailer cleaning services

Coustomise Your Cleaning Solutions

Let us know about your suituation and needs, we will propose tailor made cleaning solutions for your business and venue.

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