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School Cleaning Services

Schools, Halls

High Traffic Venues

After the continuous use of different groups of people, the venue accumulates a large amount of dirt and bacteria from different sources. Maintaining cleanliness and regular disinfection ensures the health of users and staff. We also provide customized hygiene solutions for different needs.


  • Daily cleaning

  • Regular deep cleaning

  • Renovation works

  • Space disinfection

  • Antimicrobial coating

  • Air-conditioning cleaning

  • Flooring, Carpet and Marble Clean & Care

  • Air-conditioner Cleaning (All types)

School Cleaning Services
School Cleaning Services

GS Hygiene Solution High-quality kindergarten and school cleaning services
Create a clean and hygienic learning environment

Kindergartens and schools are important places for children to learn and grow. Keeping the environment clean and hygienic is very important for the growth and development of children. Therefore, kindergarten cleaning and school cleaning are aspects that must not be underestimated. Proper cleaning of kindergartens and schools can effectively prevent the spread of diseases. Children in kindergartens and schools are easily exposed to sources of disease transmission, such as bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. Regular cleaning and disinfection can effectively reduce diseases. risk of transmission. In addition, keeping kindergartens and schools clean can create a better learning environment, allowing students to focus more on their studies and improve learning outcomes. Create a clean and hygienic learning environment

Why do you need school cleaning outsourcing services?

School management work itself is already very arduous. School staff often have to handle different tasks at the same time and face pressure caused by limited time and resources. In order to allow school staff to focus more on teaching and management work, school cleaning outsourcing services are Provided reliable support. Therefore, more and more schools are choosing to use school cleaning outsourcing services. School cleaning outsourcing services bring many advantages to schools and make school management operations smoother. The following are the benefits of using school cleaning outsourcing services:


1. Reduce the administrative workload of schools

School cleaning outsourcing services can reduce the burden of administrative work in schools. School staff no longer need to juggle recruiting, training and managing janitorial staff and can devote more time and energy to other important matters of the school. The outsourced cleaning service provider is fully responsible for handling cleaning-related matters, making school management smoother.


2. Save costs and resources

School cleaning outsourcing services can help schools save costs and resources. Schools are not required to purchase cleaning equipment and products, nor are they required to pay salaries and benefits to cleaning staff. Schools can use outsourced school cleaning services provided by outsourced cleaning service providers at a lower cost, allowing the outsourced cleaning service provider to be responsible for providing the required cleaning equipment and products, and for paying the wages and benefits of the cleaning staff.


3. Higher cleaning efficiency

School cleaning outsourcing services can improve the cleaning efficiency of schools, because professional cleaning companies have rich experience and expertise, and use more advanced cleaning equipment and products to clean various areas of the school more effectively. A professional cleaning company can develop the best cleaning plan to ensure that the school environment remains tidy and hygienic.


4. Flexible and flexible services

School cleaning outsourcing services provide schools with flexible cleaning service time and frequency options. An outsourced cleaning service provider can create a personalized cleaning plan based on the school's needs. Whether it is daily cleaning or regular scheduled cleaning, they can provide services that meet the requirements.

Advantages of GS Hygiene Solution Kindergarten and School Cleaning Services

GS Hygiene's kindergarten and school cleaning services comply with green environmental protection standards. We use environmentally friendly products and procedures when cleaning. These green cleaning products do not contain harmful substances, which can reduce the health risks of students and teachers, protect the health of teachers and students, and protect the environment at the same time. , reduce pollution to the atmosphere and water resources.


GS Hygiene’s cleaning staff go above and beyond to ensure schools and kindergartens maintain clean, safe and healthy learning environments. Our kindergarten and school cleaning services have the following advantages:


1. Professional cleaning team

GS Hygiene’s cleaning staff are professionally trained and have extensive cleaning experience and skills. They can complete cleaning tasks quickly and efficiently, keeping kindergartens and schools tidy and ensuring that every area is properly cleaned and maintained.


2. High-quality cleaning services

GS Hygiene is dedicated to providing high quality cleaning services. They use cleaning products that meet environmental standards to ensure the best hygienic conditions in kindergarten and school environments. We also conduct regular monitoring and evaluations to ensure the quality of our cleaning work is maintained.


3. High cleaning specifications and standards

GS Hygiene’s professional cleaning staff understands that kindergarten cleaning and school cleaning need to comply with stricter cleaning specifications and standards to ensure the health and safety of school children. Therefore, we use cleaning products and procedures that comply with safety regulations and standards to ensure that the cleaning is accurate. It will have an impact on school children.

Best Practices in Kindergarten Cleaning and School Cleaning Services

In order to ensure the best practices in kindergarten cleaning and school cleaning services, we will adopt the following measures:


1. Establish a cleaning plan and schedule

Develop a cleaning plan and schedule to determine the frequency and scope of cleaning. This can help ensure that every area of the school is cleaned regularly.


2. Use environmentally friendly cleaning products

Choose environmentally friendly cleaning products to reduce your impact on the environment. This helps create a healthy and sustainable learning environment.


3. Conduct regular monitoring and evaluation

Regularly monitor and evaluate the quality and effectiveness of cleaning services. This ensures that cleaning is carried out effectively and any issues are resolved promptly.

  • 1. What cleaning services does GS Hygiene Solution offer?
    We provide a variety of cleaning and care services including household cleaning, shopping mall cleaning, store cleaning, restaurant cleaning, office cleaning, industrial and commercial building cleaning, floor cleaning and care, floor waxing, carpet cleaning, etc.
  • 2. Are the cleaning products used in GS Hygiene Solution safe?
    We use cleaning products certified by the US FDA or EPA. These products have undergone rigorous testing and are harmless to the human body and environmentally friendly.
  • 3. Can the scheduled cleaning service be canceled or changed?
    Yes, If you need to cancel or change the scheduled cleaning service, please notify our customer service staff by phone or email at least two days in advance so that adjustments and rescheduling can be made.
  • 4. Is it possible to choose to perform cleaning services on weekends or holidays?
    Yes, customers can have their cleaning services done on weekends or holidays, and we are happy to offer this option for your convenience.
  • 5. What should I do if I am not satisfied with the cleaning results?
    If you are not satisfied with the cleaning results, please contact our customer service staff immediately and express your dissatisfaction to them. We will work hard to solve your problems and provide satisfactory solutions.
  • 6. Do I need to provide cleaning supplies when the cleaning service is performed?
    Our cleaning staff will prepare cleaning supplies and equipment, and you do not need to provide your own cleaning supplies unless guests have specific requests or preferences for cleaning supplies.
  • 7. What do I need to prepare before the cleaning service starts?
    Remind us if there are serious dirty spot, depending on the situation, we will prepare proper cleaning tools. Also, be prepared to pay for the cleaning costs and pay after the cleaning and inspection are completed.
  • 8. What is the difference between using a cleaning service from a cleaning service company and hiring a cleaning service on an hourly basis?
    Cleaning service companies usually have a professional cleaning team that provides a variety of specialized cleaning services. Cleaning service companies dispatch trained cleaning staff and provide insurance and other protections to protect their clients' interests. In addition, cleaning service companies can also provide customers with more comprehensive cleaning services, including deep cleaning and regular cleaning, so that customers can get a more reliable and professional cleaning service. On the contrary, hourly cleaning is a service provided by individuals. Although the cost may be relatively low, the quality and guarantee are also less stable. Most of these hourly workers have no formal training, insurance or other protections. In addition, hourly workers will only provide basic cleaning services, but not more comprehensive cleaning services such as deep cleaning and regular cleaning.
School Cleaning Services

Customise Your Cleaning Solutions

Let us know about your suituation and needs, we will propose tailor made cleaning solutions for your business and venue.

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